Whistlerblowers. Mlčení není řešení...

What we search for What we search for

Do you work in the public sector and care about the way public resources are used or misused? Have you become aware of abuse or corrupt behaviour in your working environment and do not want to let it go unnoticed or unheeded? Contact us. That is what we search for….

What to do What to do

Undecided? Send us an e-mail and we will go through all pros and coins with you in a discreet and anonymous manner. But If you have made up your mind to act, write to us via e-mail or through the post. It´s entirely up to you whether or not you reveal your name or personal details; we will not trace you.

What we will do What we will do

But we will pay careful attention to what you send to us. All documents and materials received will be thoroughly screened in 3-step procedure; malicious gossip or false information will be ignored.

What we will not do What we will not do

We promise not to do anything that could affect or disturb your professional or personal life. Your personal data and anything you say to us will be dealt with only by our authorised staff in complete confidence. Your identity will not be revealed to anyone. The succes of our activities depends on your trust in us.


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